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Soul Mortal is an Indian YouTuber and eSport player. He is famous for his Pubg mobile gameplays. He was the team leader of pubg mobile competitive team. Mortal has millions of fan on YouTube. His fans always supported him everywhere. Mortal is famous for his YouTube channel, where he does live streaming of mobile and PC games. He played and won many Pubg mobile competitive matches.

Name Naman Mathur
Nickname Naman, Mortal, Paddu
Date of Birth 22 May 1996
Age 24 (as 15/02/2021)
School N/A
College University of Mumbai
Educational Qualification
Father Late Sandeep Mathur
Mother Kavita Mathur
Brother Not known
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Home Town Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profession YouTuber and Professional Gamer
YouTube Channel Mortal – 6.32 Million +
Favourite Player RRQ Athena
Favourite Sport Football
Favourite Food Pizza and Gol Gappe
Favourite Actor Akshay Kumar
Favourite Actress Priyanka Chopra
Nationality Indian

Early life

Soul Mortal’s real name is Naman Mathur. He is born on 22 May 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His father’s name is late Sandeep mathur and her mother name is Kavita Mathur. He currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His height is 5 feet 5 inch. Before coming to S8UL Bootcamp he was living with her mother. His father passed away when mortal was 4 years old. Her mother used to cook food for bachelors that was the main source of income of his family. Her mother always supported mortal even she visited to many pubg mobile tournament’s stadium to support mortal. In Behaviour, mortal is a shy type of boy, he speaks low and doesn’t have bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol even he doesn’t use abusive words. Because of his shy nature, most people respect him also his friends and other gaming community peoples gives him so much respect.


He completed Bechlor degree in Commerce from Univercity of Mumbai.


He started his career as a YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel on 24 September 2013 so earlier but he uploaded his first video on 15 September 2016, after three years of joining YouTube. His first video on YouTube was mini militia gameplay video. At that time mortal used to play mini militia game with his friends. Mortal started playing Mini Militia in 2015. He used to play clan wars with his friends. When Pubg mobile was launched in India mortal’s channel became popular because his a video went viral. When Pubg launched in India he was using an iPad to play pubg mobile.

His a video of killing the last enemy in the last circle during heal battle which was so amazing and brilliant move by him. Everyone liked that video and he got good popularity. Now, after Pubg mobile ban in India, he uses to play several other mobile and PC games. Till now he has uploaded 900+ videos on his channel and holding 6.32 Million + subscribers on YouTube.

He is also a competitive player and caster. Before pubg mobile ban in India, he was IGL (in game leader) of team soul. Team soul is big name in Pubg mobile competitive and the team has won many small and big tournaments.

Mortal started his eSport career in 2018 PMSC with his teammates Vikki, Shortgun, and Gojeeta. But lack of experience and strategies they did not qualify for the tournament. In 2019, team soul won the tournament. In this team soul mortal played with Owais, Raunak and Viper. This team was so appreciated by fans. After this win, many ups and downs come in the journey. On 25 April 2019 Team Soul Won Nimo streamers battle. In 2019 team Soul won the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) – Spring Split: India and qualified for PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia.

In the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) – Fall Split: South Asia they got second place on 15 Jun 2019 and qualified for PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) – Fall Split Global Finals but unfortunately they got 12th Rank.

In 26 April 2020, they got second place in India Today League PUBGM Invitational. After this, team soul struggled to get a good position. On 5 May 2020, In Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia they god 8th rank which was not very good. On 25 May 2020 in Skyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational they got second place and tried to comeback in the form. They struggled much in 2020 or we can say 2020 wasn’t very good for team soul. On 7 Jun 2020, In PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia RS they got 8 th Rank and on 14 Jun 2020, in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals they got 13th Rank.

After this long journey due to internal security reason Pubg Mobile was banned in India and team soul and Mortal stopped playing Pubg Mobile. Between these matches, mortal wanted to take a break from competitive but due to some reasons, he has to back. Mortal played with many players and he has gained good experience.

He also tried his hand on casting and he casted many tournaments.

After Pubg Mobile Ban

After pubg mobile ban, team soul and mortal stopped playing Pubg Mobile. He started playing many other games just for entertainment and he focused more on his YouTube channel. He played many different games after Pubg Mobile ban in India. Among Us and Fall Guys are the most popular game mortal used to play after Pubg Mobile ban in India. He also tried many other games like Raji, Skrible, Minecraft, Rocket League etc.

Currently, he plays Pubg PC and Valorant games. Most of the time we can see him playing Valorant game. He also Running a funny video series #MDRJT.

Facts about mortal

• Mortal is a shy and emotional guy.
• He doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink alcohol.
• He is non-vegetarian.
• He lives in S8UL Bootcamp.
• his nicknames are Paddu, Murtal and Numan.
• People thinks that 8Bit Raven is her girlfriend but he refused this.
• He has a big brother.
• he has a dog and his dog’s name is charandash.
• His favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli.
• His favourite actor is Akshay Kumar and Favourite Actress is Priyanka Chopra
• His favourite food is Pizza & Paani Puri.
• His favourite color is blue.

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